Why is Remote Tech Support Safe?

Just think. Computers were supposed to make life simpler. And in many ways, they have. But as they have become more sophisticated, they have also become more intimidating. Especially, when things go wrong (and they often do). You can trawl through jargon-laden manuals or guides or web forums for help. But quite often you’ll end up even more confused and frustrated than before. At this juncture you need an expert technician to solve your computer related problem. Earlier, you had only a single option: call a computer technician to your home/workplace to get your computer repaired. Now you have another fascinating but a misunderstood option: contact a company that provides Remote Tech Support to customers. But, you will find folks who may misguide you not to opt for availing services of a Remote Tech Support company. They may infect your mind with their imaginary reasons why you shouldn’t go for Remote Tech Support Service. But, the Fact of the Matter is that Remote Tech Support is safer than conventional Tech Support. Let’s say someone comes directly to you to work on your computer or network. If you’re not sitting right next to the person doing the work, you have no way of knowing what they’re really doing to your system. All the activity takes place between the technician and your PC or network. There’s no easy way to monitor and restrict a technician’s activity, so the technician’s the only one who really knows what’s going on. Security risks are even worse when you hand over your computer to someone in a store. Who knows who’s accessing your machine, and more important, what they’re doing to it?

Are the services of CompChamp.com guaranteed?

Yes. The superior services of compchamp.com are provided with a money back guarantee. We try our best to resolve your technology problems and issues. However, in an unlikely situation or event our remote tech support professional was not able to resolve your problem or issue, we will gladly and promptly provide you with a full refund. At CompChamp.com customer satisfaction is very important to us. We will do our best to make sure you have a pleasant experience.  Our primary components of quality and outstanding service are highly trained and certified team of certified technicians. We also provide a wide variety of technology services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your home or business.

Are your technicians qualified to work on my computer?

Our computer technicians are Microsoft Product Specialists, A+/MCP/MCSE Certified Professionals, HTML Developers and Network Administrators. In addition the technicians are screened and pre-qualified with several years experience in a complex help desk environment. In addition they complete intensive training courses on excellent remote tech support service delivery as well as many other highly skilled areas.  At RemoteTechSupport.com you’re in good hands treated with dedication and loyalty.


Can CompChamp technicians access my computer after the remote session has come to an end?

Absolutely Not. The only way for us to gain access is to request a new session code and grant access to the remote tech support expert. The remote tech support technology and tools as well as the desktop sharing application that allow our technicians to interact and view your computer system are only temporary files that are automatically deleted from your computer each and every time you log out of a remote tech support session. Unless you request a brand new remote support session with our highly secure remote tech support technology our remote tech support technicians can not view or access any files or do anything else to your computer system.

How much time does the average remote tech support session last?

How much time does the average remote tech support session last? A remote tech support session averages twenty to thirty minutes. The amount of time required primarily depends on the status of your computer as well as the type of problem at any given time. As such a remote session can be shorter or much longer. For example tasks that involve improving slow computer performance and removing junk files can take longer depending on the speed of your internet connection. On the other hand online virus and spyware removal can take over an hour or more to complete the entire process depending on how severe the virus is embedded in your computer files. 

Is a remote tech support session safe and secure?

Yes. When you log in to our secure remote tech support center and connect with one of our certified technicians you may be pleased to learn that you are also initiating a highly secure 128 bit  encrypted connection between your computer and the technicians computer.  It should be of interest that this is the same superior level of high security utilized for online banking and shopping cart checkout transactions for major online retailers throughout the world.

Is it easy to use?

Very much so. By allowing a remote tech support technician to gain access to your computer through the internet this enables the technician to troubleshoot and accurately diagnose any issues or problems your computer may be experiencing and make the proper adjustments to ensure that is repaired so that is is running flawlessly.  This avoids the frustration of trying to explain complex issues over the phone and trying to explain what you see on your monitor. Just sit back, relax, toss your feet in the air and watch as your mouse moves by itself as our technician takes full control of your system and does whatever is necessary to repair the issue at hand. Let the remote tech support technicians see with their own eyes exactly what your system is doing so they can make the necessary adjustments. Starting a remote tech support session is quick and simple and does not require any technical knowledge. With just two clicks of your mouse you will be amazed as you watch your computer get repaired in real time right in front of your eyes.

Is it necessary to be in front of my PC during the remote tech support session?

This is not required. We only need you for a few minutes to initiate the remote tech support session with a few mouse clicks. After the session has started you may feel free to watch in real time or perform any errands you may find necessary to take care of.

What are Remote Tech Support Professionals?

Remote Tech Support Professionals are highly trained online technology experts that provide superior online support to our loyal customers with their technology issues on a day to day basis. In order to qualify to be on our excellent staff of technology professionals they must go through rigorous training and testing to prove that they are ready to serve our loyal customers with dedication and devotion.

What are the benefits of remote tech support as opposed to traditional tech support?

Many agree that remote tech support is a better solution since it provides a wide variety of benefits that would otherwise not be available with traditional tech support. Most of all t is much safer since it is not necessary to let strangers into your home or place of business. You don’t have to take off a day from work to wait for a technician and waste precious time. Repairs are done quickly and securely with proprietary software and a highly advanced and secure connection. RemoteTechSupport.com can easily repair a wide variety of technological problems and issues remotely utilizing highly advanced, secure, online technology software that enables the technology user to carefully observe all activity of the remote technician on the screen from start to finish.

What is remote tech support?

Remote tech support is also known as online computer and tech support. Considering the busyness of folks and changing technology, Remote Tech Support is the in thing in the world of IT.

It allows our highly trained technicians to remotely connect and view your computer screen and securely repair a wide variety of items such as computers, peripherals, mobile devices and network issues via remote control through the Internet. In fact, it’s like watching your computer repair itself. It may be of interest that this type of remote tech support operates through the use of highly advanced desktop sharing technology. In essence this process allows you to log in to our secure remote online help desk and then you provide permission to a certified technology professional to interact and view with your computer system with a remote session via the Internet repairing problems and other issues as well as configuring and setting new technology quickly and easily.

What is required to obtain remote tech support?

You may be pleased to learn that obtaining remote tech support is a very simple and hassle free process. Most of all it is highly secure and takes place in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks of your mouse. The only and most important part of the remote tech support process is that you have a connection to the Internet. For optimum performance a broadband internet connection is best for troubleshooting and diagnosis purposes. A slower connection will also work however depending on the nature of your problem it may take a little longer to repair your issue. It may be of interest that remote tech support is unique in that it can be utilized on a wide variety of machines such as desktops, laptops, tablets, netbooks, as well as on mobile devices and a wide variety of peripherals.

What kind of technology does CompChamp.com provide?

RemoteTechSupport.com offers professional online tech support for a wide variety of products such as computers, notebooks, tablets, peripherals, mobile devices etc. In addition we assist with the setup, configuration and maintenance of home and business networks throughout the globe.